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Welcome to the Cedar Cliff High School Chamber Singers Database of Recordings!

About the Group

The Chamber Singers is a small choral ensemble ranging from 26 to 35+ students, performing predominantly a capella choral music at the high school level. This group has a rich history of excellence in developed musical abilities such as intonation, timbre, dynamics, and interpretation. Since 1999, the group has recorded a myriad number of albums demonstrating vocal prowess. Below you will find a list of all recorded material.

Database 1.0:

The current version of the database includes all recorded albums that were acquired from their original hard copies. Features include:

While the current version of the database is stable, some things are worth noting:


The process to downloading the albums is fairly easy.

  1. Click the title of the album you wish to download.
  2. Your browser should prompt you to save the file. Click save or save as.
  3. Locate the file. If you clicked save, it should be in your downloads folder. If you clicked save as, it will be wherever you specified it to be downloaded.
  4. Right click on the archive and select unzip or extract all.
  5. You should be all set!

And now, for the archive!

How the database came to be

As the second semester of senior year rolled around, I wanted to take up a senior project. I decided to do a project for Matthew Topping (current conductor) helping students with better singing techniques and Chamber Singers audition material. Working in Topping's office, I noticed a stack of CD's and found out they were recordings of the group for past 15 years. I asked if I could rip them to my computer with the intent of personal listening, but then I thought it would be great if the alumni could get a hold of this collection. I'm a computer science major, so making this database was not only good for the community, but it would allow me to explore web development and concepts related to my field of interest. I uploaded all of the materials to a server and hosted them on the web for anyone to access.

Who to Thank

The following people helped make this possible. Without them, the project would not have been successful.


NOTE: The material found on this website is owned by no particular individual(s). Recorded material was ripped using Windows Media Player on a personal computer. The materials were uploaded to a remote Linux virtual private server using Apache2 to serve the web content. No one is entitled nor obligated to claim this material as his or her own. All rights are reserved to the composers and the original scores.